Admissions Calculator

Have you ever wondered what your chances are for gaining admission to at least one of the schools or programs to which you have applied?

I created a simple calculator to predict the probability that you will get into at least one school or program that you applied to based on how likely you think it is that you get into each school or program independently.

For example, if you applied to 2 schools and think that you have a 10% chance of getting into the first school and a 90% chance of getting into the second school, your probability to getting into at least one school would be .10 + .90 – (.1 * .9), or 0.91, or 91%.

Try entering your expected admission probabilities for each school into the calculator to the right to see what your chances are of getting into at least one school or program. Remember that probabilities are numbers between 0 and 1. So for 10%, you would enter 0.1 as the probability. You can enter admission probabilities for as many schools as you like and calculator will do the rest.