As a Ph.D. student in Educational Psychology (Applied Cognition and Development) at the University of Georgia, I am researching how people think and feel about harming animals in specific ways (e.g. eating meat), and how to change these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Research Interests

  • Moral Psychology and Animal Ethics
    • Folk Beliefs about Animal Minds (Mind Perception of Animals)
    • Moral Judgements and Moral Emotions (e.g. guilt) about Harming Animals
    • Rationalizations for Harming Animals
    • Relationship between Mind Perception of Animals and Moral Motivation to Harm Animals
  • Animal Ethics Education

Research Methods

  • Online Experiments
  • Ethnography

Current Projects

  • Doctoral Dissertation
    • I’m currently researching how beliefs about the minds of animals influence moral concern for harming them in terms of moral judgments, feelings of guilt, and behavioral intentions.