Enterprise Development

As a technology consultant, I am not allowed to disclose the identity of our clients or the details our work, but I did the following:

  1. Helped develop a supply chain management tool that controls over 5 billion dollars worth of inventory for a Fortune 500 big box retailer.
  2. Helped develop an internal survey tool to track employee satisfaction.
  3. Helped develop an internal talent management system.
  4. Helped develop customer-facing kiosk software for a Fortune 500 big box retailer.
  5. Helped develop the front-end of a media management tool for a major, blue chip beverage company.

Mobile Development

  • Pond Calculator – a simple calculator for the iPhone that I created to help watergardeners design and maintain their ponds.

Angular.js Development

  • tallytext – a tool to dynamically lex and contextualize text.

Statistics Tools

  • Admissions Calculator – a tool to calculate the probability that you would get into at least one of the schools or programs you applied to.

Node.js Modules

  • pokerhand – a library to classify poker hands.

Chrome Extensions

  • Miss-Alt – a web service that allows people with disabilities and their advocates to report inaccessible images (i.e. images with missing, insufficient, or inaccurate alternative text) to institutional content creators and publishers. This service is a prototype that I designed and developed by myself. Watch a brief video tour


  • Red Triangles – the interactive red triangles in the sidebar of this website. Hover over them to rotate them, and then drag them to position. Move off the canvas to freeze your composition in place.
  • SoundClock – a clock visualization based on a stream of music. Another art project from graduate school at Georgia Tech. Mac OS X | Windows 32-bit | Windows 64-bit
  • Gnatz – an experiment in virtual life using particle swarm optimization. This is one of my design studio projects during graduate school at Georgie Tech.

Omeka Plugins

While working at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, I lead the development of the following Omeka plugins, which you can freely download:

Greasemonkey Scripts

  • Netflix Addiction Checker – calculates your Netflix usage statistics so you can see how addicted you are to Netflix. This was a fun project to see how much I watch Netflix.

Python Scripts

  • groupmatcher – optimally matches individuals to groups.
  • Tic Tac Toe – a Tic Tac Toe game with an artificially intelligent opponent that will never lose against you.


  • Virtual Leader – a leadership simulator. I helped prototype the AI.

Software Testing

Website Maintenance

  • Southeast TACE – a technical assistance website for vocational rehabilitation agencies. I helped with some backend coding.

More Code

You can see more of my programming portfolio on my Github page.