As a Ph.D. student in Educational Psychology (School Psychology) at the University of Georgia, I’m focused on how to leverage social network analysis to predict and prevent loneliness in children, adolescents, and young adults. I aim to design sociotechnical interventions that reduce loneliness and motivate learning communities by encouraging positive relationships and prosocial interactions between students, parents, teachers, and other school staff.

My advisor is Dr. Michele Lease.

My Research Interests

  • Loneliness
    • Across The Lifespan (especially Adolescents and Young Adults)
    • In Special Populations (especially Gifted and Creative Students)
    • In Learning Environments (especially middle school, high school and college)
  • Social Relationships and Interactions Between Students, Parents, and Teachers
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Sociotechnical Interventions To Prevent And Reduce Loneliness

My Current Research Projects

  • Literature Review of How To Conceptualize and Measure Loneliness Across the Lifespan
  • Create Software To Infer Friendship Networks From Pictures
  • Create Measure of Intellectual Loneliness In Adolescents

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